Going to NYC and not visiting The Met is wrong. It doesn’t matter that one can not possibly see the collections in a day; just wander until your senses are brimming over.

And then, walk in the neighborhood of the fabulous, the Upper East Side.

One of my neighbors in the apartment building, perched outside every afternoon of my week.

Many of the city’s subway stations are adorned with fanciful mosaics identifying the location. Can you guess the station?

Lincoln Center and The Met Opera House, of course!

New York City seems to spend a great deal of time “informing” its residents and visitors about this, that, and the other. Rather annoyingly, though, were the messages on the grocery packages and carry-out boxes, extolling the virtues of responsible living.  What would happen if we all just lived “in moderation?”

All too soon, though, I was homeward bound.  Until next time, America.