Moscow is home to more than 900 churches. A bit like Rome, we thought, and so we decided to focus on St. Basils Cathedral and drop in on any others of interest.

St. Basil’s is every bit as pretty on the inside, with frescoed, maze-like passages and small exhibits tucked here and there.

This is the story of the Tsardom of Kazan, now the capital of Tatarstan, one of the small republics in the southwest of Russia.  The writing was beautiful to look at.

A pewter-hammered overlay for the painting, a la Romanov style.

A close-up of the tiles that create the iconic onion domes of the cathedral.


Within the Kremlin is the Cathedral Architectural Complex, and seven magnificent churches to explore.







Roaming the city as we did gave occasion to spy onion domes and churches in an array of colors, too.



By our account we counted almost 30 onion-domed churches. Only 850+ to go for our return visit!