It is once again that time of year when Anna Grace and I feed our mini-addiction to daily tiny presents as we countdown the days until Christmas.

Two perennial favorite calendars have made the cut once again in our home.

In the stores there are calendars for all interests. This year, a competitor to the Stiegl Beer Advent Calendar!  Now there are two ways to enjoy a cold one while counting the days until Jesus’ birth!

Sparkling Sect more your style?  Schlumberger, purveyor of the bubbly to the Habsburgs and now to the common Viennese, can give you that holiday glow every day. For a whopping €99!

For the teetotalers, the Kleiner Klopfer, 24 small bottles of sugary beverages to keep one hopped up well into 2016.

“Glam” seems to be a popular theme this year in calendars. There are 24 Days of Glam for little girls…


…and for we big girls, 24 Irresistible French Surprises! I can not wait for 1 December!

One final calendar, a new entry this year. From sweet to sour to spicy, 24 delicious ways from Staud’s, a Vienna purveyor of preserves and compotes since 1883, to countdown to Christmas.