When Anna Grace made the Varsity Basketball team, I took note of the various tournaments and exchanges she would be participating in; and, as luck would have it, an exchange with the International School of Prague happened to fall over my birthday weekend. Tony and I fell in love with Prague back in 2001, when I accompanied him waddled around 7 months expectant with Anna Grace to join him on a work trip, and the love affair has only grown over time. 
We arrived on Friday evening in time to catch the second of three games. While Anna Grace may be the kind person making friends with the new student from Kazakhstan at school, on the basketball court she gets down to business. Her signature move is to bump her skinny bottom into her opponent to throw them off balance, but not hard enough to draw a foul. 
The power of the ponytail works its magic at the free-throw line. 
After the game Tony and I made haste for our dinner reservations at a Lebanese restaurant.  Kibbeh, Lamb, and Shish filled our plates and provided the inner warmth necessary to walk to our hotel in -12° temperatures. Or perhaps we were warmed by the wine. 
For this weekend I made reservations for a suite at an historic hotel in the Stare Mesto dating to the 16th century; each of the suites had been individually renovated to restore as much of the original painted walls and beams as possible.  Everything about the suite was sumptuous.
Because the Toddler Clayton Theodore was with us, Saturday began bright and early. With the snow beginning to fall the morning walk was exceptionally pretty.
Though the garden seating looked lovely with its cap of snow we opted for breakfast inside. (Our suite was on the top floor, with the balcony and lights.)
Following breakfast we headed to ISP for the final game of the exchange, the snow providing a beautiful wintry backdrop.
The Lady Knights swept the exchange; our favorite player averaged 8 points each game and just one floor burn. Go Knights!

The remainder of Saturday was devoted to shopping. Somehow Prague has managed to court many of the French (and other European) labels I have come to enjoy over travels and time that I just can not find in Vienna.  So I shop in Prague. I am not complaining, and neither is my pocketbook.

Dinner on Saturday was at a thoughtfully-selected, “Modern Czech” restaurant I discovered on a previous shopping trip last spring. We were all delighted with our menu selections.  I, the Birthday Girl selected Duck Filets on a Puree of Black Salsify. It is acceptable to salivate over this photo.

Tony chose the Pork Belly Slow Cooked for 12 Hours in Red Wine. He was a happy, happy, man.
Anna Grace won the prize for “Most Creative Presentation” with her choice of Guinea Fowl with Corn. She pronounced it as delicious as it looked.

Capping my Birthday Weekend dinner was a Czech cheese plate. Starting counterclockwise from the top, we shared five types of aged cheeses with pear marmalade and walnut relish, each of them helping to end our dinner perfectly.

A grand weekend with my family in a city I adore. Happy Birthday to Me!