Vienna experienced unseasonably warm weather over the last couple of weeks, and that was all the excuse I needed to shun most indoor activities and head out into the sunshine whenever possible. Vitamin D is good for the soul.
I met my art group for a guided tour of Klimt/Schiele/Kokoschka und die Frauen, an exhibit extolling the sexual liberation of women (and in a sense, inspiring women’s suffrage in Europe) through the eyes of three great Viennese modernist painters. The exhibit and the tour were both well done, and I’m edging ever closer to adding, “Less Half-Witted About Art” to my ex-pat accomplishments.
The photos are all from the museum website; personal photography was not permitted.

I am very Polish when it comes to flowers; few weeks pass without blooms of one kind or another in the house, even in winter, and even when we travel. With the warm weather came the distinct first springlike aroma of damp earth that commanded me to fill the house with tulips and daffodils. Even if it is only January.
15° C. Every garden door was open, pushing out the gray of winter. 
Though Spring does not officially arrive for a few weeks, on one particularly nice day I decided we would nevertheless celebrate the End of Root Vegetable Season. While waiting to cross the street en route to the market for said vegetables, the colors of this building and sky caught my eye. Anna Grace and I joke that photos like this are Pinterest-able. We could call this “Paris in the Spring” and someone would “Pin it” and write, “Oh! Would love to go there someday!” 

The Root Vegetable Finale: Celeriac Mash with Grilled Steak and a spiced “salsa” of beets, carrots, and salsify. Dinner was delicious, and now we are impatiently awaiting Spargelzeit.

From another Vienna blog I learned it was possible to photograph the interior of the Austrian Palace of Justice (Supreme Court).  Off I went…
The Palace of Justice lies across the square from Parliament, where I stopped first for these two snaps.

The Palace of Justice. It’s Neo-Renaissance, if you’re keeping score.

AISV hosted the Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament last week for 8 schools and close to 100 participants. Add to that the hungry AIS students who dropped in to watch the games, and the need for volunteers to prepare the famous “AIS Booster Burger” was in demand, but there were few takers on the first game day. Tony took the day off and lent me a hand helping to grill several dozen burgers in between watching the Lady Knights. He’s awesome like that. 
The Lady Knights took 2nd place overall. Great job, Knights!
All in one week I indulged in sunshine, art, sports, and the end of root vegetable season. Eudaemonia.