Whenever Tony returns from a work trip to a dry country, I repatriate him with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants for Austrian food and a beer (or two).  Following my return last weekend from New York, Tony thoughtfully garnered provisions so that I would not have to face the grocery on a Saturday afternoon just before the store closes at 1800. On Sunday, our least favorite day to be in Austria, the repatriation continued with a visit to neighboring Slovakia and the Danubiana Meulensteen Museum.
About an hour from the house, this modern (but not weird) art museum sits on a small peninsula in the Danube, with large windows that flood the galleries with light and offer soothing views of the river. A perfect way to ease back into Central Europe.

The museum’s exhibits rival those in Vienna’s museums, at least we think. On this occasion we enjoyed two new openings; the first, by a Slovak post-modern artist, and the second, by “The great lone wolf of Austrian art of the 1960’s,” Christian Ludwig Attersee.

Mostly the paintings offered us pleasing designs and colors. This one, though, made no sense at all.

Afterwards, lunch at a small, small restaurant near the museum that has become a favorite stop. Surprise! I did not order my usual Zander. Instead, I mixed things up with the whole grilled Forelle. a European cousin to Trout.

Before crossing the border, a final stop at an OPEN GROCERY STORE. Not quite the 5.500m2 Whole Foods mecca in New York City, though I was still able to pick up fresh pasta and some fabulous Slovak wine for dinner. It is good to be home.