If it is not glaringly obvious by now, Tony and I  can not be bothered with sitting still and doing “nothing” on the weekends. We’re early risers. We don’t “brunch” on the weekends because we’re well underway somewhere by the late morning.  We were the same in the U.S.; I guess our Midwestern roots die hard.
This past Sunday found us with need to remain close to home, but not necessarily at home. A quick survey of our fave Niederösterreich Card offerings revealed that we had not visited a quirky modern art museum in Klosterneuburg, about a ten minute drive from the house.  We do not understand modern art at all, but we do like to look at the art in the hope that someday we might understand it and not just poke fun at it. Sunday was not that day.
To the Essl Museum we pointed the wagon. From among the offerings we selected an exhibit of young artists from Central and Southeastern Europe. This is, “Sense of Common.” Sure.
Something about faux fingernails on a canvas.
One of the two photos below was in the exhibit; the other is a photo that I have taken. Talk amongst yourselves.
 “Nudes in Space.” Isn’t it obvious?
This is, “Paris, 1960.” We have only been to Paris in the 1990’s and later, so, perhaps? At least the museum amused us until lunchtime.
Later on Sunday afternoon, “The hills were beckoning and…the sky was so blue…that (we) just had to be a part of it.”
We passed a customary and ordinary mansion up in our parts. Anna Grace remarked, “Oh, (my friend) lives there.”
A local resident selling pussy willows.
Six kilometers later, someone was tired.
Art and the vineyards all in one day. Who needs Netflix streaming?