As mentioned, we visit Bratislava often. We also visit the Czech Republic rather often, as well, and have toyed with the crazy notion of purchasing a holiday home in Moravia–a little project for me, if you will.  But then on Saturday’s tour we stopped to visit a cemetery, adjacent to which was this house. I fell in love. A renovation nightmare, to be sure, but just think of the potential…

The cemetery was beautiful; and unusual in that Jews and Christians are buried together. The cemetery was thankfully spared damage during the 1930s.

Tony and our guide, probably discussing old cars or that Tony thinks I’m crazy for falling in love with that house.

I see photos like this on Pinterest all the time. Could be Paris. Could be Vienna. Could be Prague or Budapest. It’s Bratislava, of course. 
Trying a Thai restaurant in the Stare Mesto for lunch. We’ll definitely return. The Larb Gai (chili-lime ground chicken salad) was, to quote Tony, “As amazing as (mine).”
I went with Pad Thai. Not quite as flavorful as our preferred place in Vienna, but still quite remarkable.

A next-to-final stop. Tesco is almost always last, since we almost always need dinner provisions and Austria is either closed (if it’s Sunday) or closing (the grocery sidewalks roll up around 1800, if not earlier on Saturdays). Such a drag.  Anyhow…a much loved cafe and bookstore, where I picked up two new manuals for my laboratory kitchen.