Hard to believe, but in between dinners jaunts in Jordan, concerts in Qatar, and camel riding in Cairo we still found time to take in a couple of favorite places in the last month, Gugging and the Imperial Treasury.  
The Gugging has been a favorite from our first visit a couple of years ago;  the Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic sits a few kilometers north of Vienna in a lovely wooded setting. In the 1950’s a doctor at the clinic had his patients create art as part of their therapy. “Art Brut” is the term given to works that fall outside of the official culture. We wonder what constitutes an official art culture.

This visit was to view an exhibit on Japanese and Swiss art brut, and we found ourselves mesmerized by the extraordinary detail.

This work of Japanese art brut is entitled, “Restoring Fukushima,” and is from the Internet as photos were not permitted in this particular gallery.

It is quite common to meet some of the artists during a visit, as well, and on this occasion we had a lengthy conversation with a young man, Maximillian who, upon discovering that we were American, peppered us with his thoughts on the shameful circus presidential campaign underway in the U.S. Honestly, we found him to be a more rational conversationalist than some of our friends!
On one occasion a friend suggested a visit to the Imperial Treasury, a museum I had not visited since our first year in Vienna. Who doesn’t love the sparkly scepters, Imperial cradles, and the famous “Unicorn Horn?”

There is so much in Vienna and the near to enjoy.