Through conversations with friends who were intrigued with my Gemeindebau roaming, I was asked if I would lead a walk through one of Vienna’s districts for one of the local women’s groups, and on Tuesday our group of 10 wandered about Leopoldstadt, the city’s second district (Bezirk).
Though I have explored Leopoldstadt previously, in my preparation I discovered a few art pieces that I had missed–a bonus for me!  Our walk began with a peek at St. Francis of Assisi Church (or, the Kaiser Jubilee Church, as it was constructed on the 50th anniversary of the Emperor’s reign.)
Then, onto the art. “Children Playing,” in case that was not obvious.  Pretty glass tiles.

Wauchauer Hof.

At Tempelgasse, a mosaic depicting Vienna’s largest synagogue, Leopoldstadter Tempel, destroyed on Kristallnacht 1938.

On this site in Vienna a very famous German circus took place for over 100 years. The mosaic was restored in 2002 and sparkled even on our gray day.

A scene from one of several Prater mosaics in the city.

A tile mosaic of the walled city of Vienna in 1699, with Stephansdom rising prominently.

In addition to the nearby 8 kilometers of walking and talking, the donations collected will be directed to a local charity. A superb way to spend a day!