Mother’s Day is not celebrated in usual ways in our home. The family knows not to purchase flowers (because I gift myself a fresh bouquet almost every week, anyway); and they wouldn’t dare deny me time in the kitchen by preparing breakfast-in-bed, or by boring me with a brunch.  Instead, we have always opted for a day spent together outdoors. This weekend I was treated to both a Saturday and Sunday Mom’s Day!
Because we had planned a family cycling trip for Sunday (that did not involved our four-pawed “child,”) Clayton Theodore’s gift was that I give him a long wander around the park of Schloss Pottendorf, an Esterhazy palace (with a moat!) approximately halfway between Vienna and the Hungarian border, and abandoned after the war. And so on Saturday Tony and I, and CTF, spent the morning exploring the romantic ruins. 

The Esterhazy crest is just barely visible above the main entrance.

Several kilometers later, CTF had decided the exploration was over, and so we returned to Vienna. Thank you, Clayton Theodore, for a wonderful start to Mom’s Day Weekend!