“The plan” had been Munich, to cheer on our favorite Lady Knight and the team, in the first of the two season final tournaments. Alas, Mother Nature conspired against us in the form of cold temperatures and rain, and it being the only shelter at MIS is for the athletes, we canceled our hotel and remained in Vienna.

 To temper my surliness at missing yet another of Anna Grace’s events, Tony suggested I guide him through the fabulous Russian avant-garde art exhibit at the Albertina followed with a walkabout and lunch. As usual, his plan was just what I needed.
Resting fiakers across from the Albertina.

The interior of Augustinerkirche, the original parish church of the Hapbsburgs (Napoleon was married here!)

This side altar is dedicated to Emperor Karl I, the last reigning Hapsburg. He is on track for sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Leaving the church we were just in time to see the Lippizaners heading across the lane from Stallburg to the Spanish Riding School for a morning performance. I never tire of seeing these horses.

Then the rain began. Though, Peterskirche still sparkles under gray skies.

We ducked in for lunch and afterwards the skies were blue again.

I had misread the dates for a market across the canal at Karmelitermarkt, but the afternoon was so pretty that we didn’t mind wandering. This is Karmeliterkirche; alas, the church was closed so Tony could not peek inside.

This being the former Jewish quarter, it is not unexpected to find many Stolpersteine, reminding all who pass of the Jews taken from their homes and businesses and deported to concentration camps.

Afterward, the slog for a few grocery provisions in anticipation of the impending nearly 70 hour countrywide shutdown from Saturday 1800 through Sunday, Whit Monday, and the restocking of grocers by Noon on Tuesday. (There is little point to heading to the grocer on Tuesday morning, for the aisles will be crowded with floor cleaners and staff getting around to stocking shelves).  But hey, Vienna is the “World’s Most Livable City,” or something like that.

The day ended much better than it began, with our favorite Lady Knight besting 15 girls from 8 schools to take 1st in the High Jump. And, the Lady Knights took 2nd overall in the tournament. Go Knights!