My news feeds were bursting with ideas to fill our weekend, but since Clayton Theodore generously allowed us to sleep in until the late hour of 0600 on Saturday, “Do Nothing” seemed to be our preferred plan. That worked for about an hour, after which time I declared war on the boredom and suggested we go to Bratislava and eat French food for lunch.

In Bratislava we dropped in at the regular Saturday market and then wandered about streets in the city along which we have never been. There is something about these old streets and even older homes…





Making our way to a favorite French bistro we spied a brand new restaurant with the look and feel of a bistro but offering traditional Slovak specialties. The sun was shining; our table would provide excellent people-watching; and who doesn’t love Slovak food?  So we sat for lunch. Halusky (potato dumplings) with cheese and a bit of bacon for me; pillowy soft pirohy and roast pork for Tony. We shopped at bit for much-enjoyed British items at Marks & Spencer and then pointed the wagon home.


On Sunday, our kind of brunch.  Anna Grace’s recital was later in the afternoon, so we stayed local and attended the small, but of Hochgenuss (high enjoyment) food festival at Rathaus, according to the review in my local newspaper.

And indeed, with a couple dozen street food vendors offering more than the customary sausages, Gröstl, and Schinkenfleckern (all of which are good, mind you), we brunched our way around the world with pastrami on (almost) rye (a solid effort, though the dressing could have been sweeter); a pork belly Banh Mi sandwich that we brought home for the Freshman studying for finals; a superb mushroom side dish (plus a couple of Imperial lagers); and a shrimp roll.  Not an omelet or a waffle in sight. Yum.



Trending in America, but routine practice here.





Our finale was a fresh prepared salted caramel crepe. Tres magnifique!

We decided it was okay to have a quiet weekend, just this once.