One morning earlier this week I joined friends old and new for a 7 km walking loop around the “Old Danube,” a branch of the Danube remaining after reconfiguration of the river for flood control in the late 1800’s.  The Alte Donau is separated from the Danube by dams and is essentially fed by groundwater, making it a perfect “lake” for water recreation. And for walking along.

Charming Beisls (a Jewish term that is now a common reference to a “house” that serves specialty foods, like a trattoria, perhaps) along the lake ensure that one is never far from something delicious to snack.


Not sure what this sign means.   Update: With much gratitude to a kind reader of the blog who informed me that the sign is of Hans Hass, an Austrian and diving pioneer.
Though cottages along sections of the route evoke a seaside experience, a quick glance up reminded me that I am still in the city.




Lining the Alte Donau are also several beaches and boat rental facilities. A little bit of paradise in the heart of Vienna!