Washington, DC and Japan have cherry blossoms, Holland has tulips, Provence has lavender, and Lower Austria has poppies!  Tiny Mohndorf Armschlag (population: 88) is the place to be in mid-July, when more than 200 hectares of surrounding poppy fields show off in colorful style.
A tractor parade. Just another day in the Waldviertel.
And speaking of tractors, we couldn’t resist a ride through the fields on the Mohn Express.  €2,50 afforded us each a breezy little ride and a hefty dose of poppy knowledge.


We are terrible at selfies.












Out from behind the camera twice in one day!

Handsome photo bomber on the right…whatever was he doing?

Tony was preoccupied with trying to capture bees pollinating the poppies!

We walked back into the village (it took all of five minutes). Music was playing; the outdoor tables at the Gasthof were filled; and the old old poppy seed harvesting workshop was open for tourists.



Lunch is often a part of our day outings, and what better setting than the Wachau Valley.  We sat for exceptionally good Austrian fare at a Weinschenke with a terrace overlooking the Danube and watched the tour buses and cruise ships moving day trippers to and fro.


And then, home. But not without a stop for a small crate of the Wachau Marillen, the region’s seasonal apricot treat. A lovely, lovely outing.