A stealth approach is necessary when we plan for Clayton Theodore to accompany us on a day outing.  Even the slightest sound of his travel water bowl or leash being gathered turns him into an insufferable beast. He paces at our heels and whines. He whines and paces at our heels. He repeats said actions.  Until we are out the door. Sometimes, even when he is settled in the wagon, he continues to “sing” his happiness.

Saturday’s weather was cool, and just perfect for tromping about Lower Austria with our crazy Foxhound. Our first destination was Burgruine Dobra, a small ruin but with impressive sightseeing.


Of course we did not disturb a wedding. Preparations were being put into place; we wandered about until guests began to arrive.





From Ruine Dobra we drove to a neighboring town for lunch, and enjoyed wonderfully prepared Schnitzel at a certified Wirtshauskultur completely by chance. In Lower Austria this is a rating for authentic Austrian Inns that serve traditional recipes, and typically use local and regional ingredients. We all agreed that the Schnitzel did indeed rise above others we have enjoyed.


Clayton Theodore totally approved of the plate of doggie cookies offered by the waitstaff, as well. A “Four Paws” establishment, in his book!


After lunch we decided to visit the nearby NaturPark Block Hiede, a protected area known for its “mystical” granite boulders.  One could easily spend the day wandering the different trails and climbing the rocks.

IMG_1922 IMG_1928

IMG_1953 IMG_1959 IMG_1962

Anna Grace climbed the viewing tower for a bird’s eye view of the Waldviertel.


IMG_1974 IMG_1978 IMG_1983


Eventually the Teenager and the Foxhound decided it was time to head home.