The “Gemischter Salat.” Great culinary concept, but one with a largely terrible execution. And an unusual amount of water.  Ideally the components of this “mixed” salad are arranged in small bouquets for visual appeal, but I have encountered few such creations.  The contents vary considerably, as well, though cabbage, cucumbers, and Erdapfelsalat are almost always a guarantee.

More than once this week a Gemischter Salat appeared at lunch.  At first blush, innocuous enough.

The salad looks innocuous.

Beneath the (undressed) Iceberg layer (a salad green whose purpose should not extend beyond Wedge Salads), cucumbers and Erdapfelsalat, of course; white beans; and canned green beans!  Quite disappointing, not to mention flavorless and squishy-tasting.

But beneath the shredded iceberg lies an always-different

Finally the white cabbage, dressed with caraway came into view. One of my favorite components of the salad.


Ah, the ubiquitous bowl of salad soup. And those horrible green beans. Though my list of favorite Austrian dishes continues to grow, I truly doubt the Gemischter Salat will ever make the cut.


To conclude, my favorite topic for this collection of posts. I drove to the market six times over the last two months, and each time was treated to fine examples of how the Viennese simply can not park their autos properly. Enjoy!