My New Farmer’s Market Crush. It is no secret that I enjoy love wandering markets, and often use the time for dinner inspiration. Though I have my favorite stops in Vienna depending on what I am seeking, I’ll rarely if ever turn down the occasion to make a new market friend. Especially a market as enjoyable as this one.

At the south terminus of the U1,  where it seemed few ex-pats venture, I alit from the underground and felt as if I had been transported to the Balkans or perhaps somewhere in Southeastern Europe. This is not the Vienna that ever gets mentioned in the guide books.

A good amount of Turkish stores to tempt shoppers were sprinkled in with Austrian and other vendors. And, even a carousel!

Older gentlemen having their morning conference.


A finely attired Viennese woman and her Carer.


Amir’s Käseland, offering cheeses from around the world. And Hookah pipes. (By the by, I recommend the saffron cheese.)




The “pop up” market on an adjacent side street was far and away the highlight. If I closed my eyes I could pretend I was in Istanbul. Vendors selling their wares with melodic calls; people brushing shoulder-to-shoulder for the incredible tasting, and incredibly priced, produce. I loved it.



Tucked into this magical place, a kindly Austrian farmer who not only shared with me how she made her Bratwurst, but how I should prepare it, as well. I listened carefully and prepared a bratwurst supper that was “the best bratwurst ever,” if I awarded such designations.


These raspberries were but €0,75 per carton!  Sweet, firm, and delicious, we were all happy that I brought home three cartons. By comparison, the dark and sad looking berries at my local grocer cost €1,79 per carton and pretty much become moldy by the following afternoon.


In researching this market I learned that many chefs jostle with the locals for the fine bulk produce for their restaurants.  Perhaps I bumped elbows with someone famous!

The one downside to my market crush is that a visit requires a 45 minute one-way transit. Small price to pay for such reward, though. Next time I’ll bring my shopping trolley.