Türkenschanzpark is a jewel not only for those of us living nearby, but for the many families we see disembarking from the buses on pleasant weather weekends. The park sits on 150.000 square meters of historical import and offers recreation options for everyone.

Sadly, in recent weeks there has been an uptick of a disturbing type of “recreation.”  It is now a given that we will come upon scenes like this during our Saturday and Sunday morning walks with Clayton Theodore.  This litter pile was 38 steps from a trash bin. I counted.  Lazy, inebriated, stupid, or all-of-the-above ninnyhammers routinely create this depressing sight in a city that prides itself on cleanliness.


Leaving one’s trash footsteps from a bin is deplorable enough, but today we were greeted with this sight as we entered the park for CTF’s morning constitutional.  This WC had only recently been renovated, but obviously some hooligan asses felt it needed a personal touch.


Several weeks ago I received a rather mean-spirited comment on the blog from someone who did not like my description of their neighborhood from a Gemeindebau outing, of the graffiti-ed concrete apartment towers against gray skies and the low green space ratio as, “forlorn.”  I would suppose this person is thrilled that our neighborhood of “little Viennese garden homes” is now litter-filled and with graffiti-ed public surfaces, perhaps even describing it as forlorn.