With lovely weekend weather recently it was the perfect time to “Czech” out a wine festival across the border, in the town of Mikulov. (No, the “Czech” jokes never get old to me.)  To our surprise, the little festival we had visited two years ago was all grown up!  Thankfully, even with shuttle buses from remote parking areas and an entrance fee, the festival retained its small-town flavor.  Much of that flavor of course coming from Burčák, the Czech equivalent to Sturm.

Queues formed for a glass of the refreshing, still-fermenting wine from private vintners all throughout the town.


American-style burgers have been trending in Vienna and across many places we have traveled in Central Europe, so it being a favorite with visitors was no surprise. I confess that we are pretty much burger snobs; the only good burgers we have had since moving here are from the grill in our garden. Besides, part of our motivation for the outing was to enjoy a Czech lunch.


Walking off a hearty Czech lunch (is there any other kind?) is required, and where lovelier to do so than through the Mikulov Castle grounds? As it sometimes goes in these parts the castle is a complete rebuild, thanks to the retreating German troops at the end of WWII who set it ablaze.

As with Sturm, Burčák can not be tightly capped because it is still fermenting. Guess who got to hold the bottle securely for the 90km drive home?