Random snaps from our holiday. “Rats or no Rats, That is the Question.”


“Hikers in Fashionable Attire” crossing sign. There were quite a few of these signs throughout the forests of northern Germany.


Cold War relic. Might come in handy in the near future.


CTF is a social hound and loves the experience of new places. He’s very photogenic, too; we counted three people who snapped photos of him, and one woman even asked to pose with him for a photo!  Too cute.

On our drive toward Prague we attempted to see Brocken, the mountain of the classical piece, A Night on Bald Mountain because it fit our holiday theme. The visitor center in Torfhaus, Germany, offered splendid views of the mountain on one of the 30 days each year the skies are clear. Our visit was not one of those days.


You’ll have to use your imagination.


Leaving Torfhaus we stopped in Wernigerode, a town that sat just inside the old East Germany border. Its castle was a favorite place for high-ranking officials to gather, especially for its views of Brocken. It isn’t possible to drive to the castle, and our schedule did not allow for a long detour, but the castle was magnificent from the ground regardless.


More imagination is needed. Wernigerode Castle is in the middle; Brocken is the brooding mountain to the adjacent right.


Our final overnight was in Prague, because who doesn’t love that city?

Exactly 2.870 kilometers and 8 days later, home.