A new world order has come to our little part of Währing: Parkscheine and Einbahnstrassen!

 But first…

Typical day before a recent holiday. Twelve lanes in the grocery, but only two are open. Efficiency is so overrated.


“Eggs from Wandering Chickens of the (Free) Range.”  Too cute.


Trick? or Treat? Wurst with bits of pumpkin.


A little more than two months ago our district instituted Parkscheine; that is, residents (of the district) who wish to park on the street are now required to purchase an annual parking sticker. The purpose of zoned parking was to reduce the wicked weekday commuter traffic and prohibit those vehicle owners from other districts with Parkscheine from using the free “long-term” parking in Währing. Reducing traffic on our narrow streets was sorely needed, and the effect was immediately noticeable.

Concomitant with zoned parking was the introduction of Einbahnstrassen, the one-way streets. Understandably it took a couple of weeks for motorists to realize the new world order, and on those days I was home, the lunchtime entertainment from the kitchen window was awesome.


I never did figure out what was happening here. It seemed like the two morons were trying to out-moron each other to drive the wrong way up our cross street.


A month later, and drivers were still struggling with the Einbahn concept. This wrong-way driver was informed of her action by a thoughtful driver…


…and gave it no mind, even though my driveway was open for a U-turn. Assuming she was passing through the neighborhood, she likely drove along three city blocks the wrong way!


A verbal altercation transpired in this instance.


In the last two months I (that is, my vehicle) has come bumper-to-bumper with two of the most asshat of asshat Viennese drivers. The first is an elderly man who must obviously live just up the block and feels he is above following the driving rules: on three occasions I have been approaching my driveway only to find myself staring him down as he tries to drive the wrong way up the street. He gestures at me wildly while I stare at him. Eventually he makes a U-turn.

The second obnoxious (elderly) driver lives in the building behind ours. On two occasions now, we have found ourselves bumper-to-bumper. The old man gets out of his car, comes over to mine and babbles on about how the street never used to be one way, and then he points that he only lives in the building behind ours, as if that justifies his driving the wrong way on a one-way street. My response has been the same, “Fahren Sie bitte um die Ecke.” (Please drive around the (block)). His wife just gives me the evil stink-eye from the passenger seat. Lovely couple.

Now that we’re almost three months into the new world order, the streets are quiet and calm, and only on occasion is there a wrong-way driver.  Thankfully, to my great delight, there will probably never be a slowdown in parking violations. 😂