Plans for our final day did not quite go according to, well, plan. We all voted to try cross-country skiing but alas, as we discovered the day beforehand, the ski rental shop did not have skis large enough to fit the boys. Once again the remarkable resort staff offered up maps and suggestions for how best to enjoy our time; in the end, we decided to head across the border to Garmisch, Germany for a hike around the glacial lake, Eibsee that sits at the base of Zugspitze. Garmisch was but a 40-minute drive, and in good order we hit the trailhead.

Our timing was ideal to capture the mountain and the limestone tinted lake before sun obscured all opportunity.

This hike was shorter at 8km, but when you factor in all the stopping for photos of scenes like frozen pine sap drops (below), 8km can take us a few hours.


For roughly the second half of our hike the sun offered golden views along our path.

Finishing the hike, we headed into Garmisch proper in the hopes of lunch. The town was a tourist (and parking) abomination, but no worries. In short order we pulled into a little roadside Gasthof for Currywurst and (more) Käsespaetzle. The afternoon routine followed the previous day’s pattern of solarium, whirpool, and spa, and then we dressed for one last dinner.

All too soon, we were homeward bound the next morning. Until next time, Tirol.