I do not make resolutions at the start of a new year. I do not make bucket lists, either. And aside from a few posts on my Facebook page to those in my, “circle of trust,” I generally* do not see the need to share political thoughts with the wide world.

What I do enjoy sharing are the events and activities that round out my expat life.  Like, how for a mere €34 annually, Tony and I can wander any of the seven or so museums on our art history card whenever we are of the mind. On a recent not-much-going-on Sunday, we took in one gallery at the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History), then went for lunch. The building alone rates walking through; the art collection is a bonus.


On another not-much-else-going on recent weekend day, the “Theater Museum,” housed in beautiful Palais Lobkowitz offered us mental entertainment with an exhibit of the, “Bourgeois Passion for Paper Theater.” The exhibit, we thought, was extremely well done. (Added bonus was that admission was also free on the art history card!) With the museum being near to a favorite restaurant, lunch afterward naturally followed.

The Albertina, former home of some important Hapsburg, just closed its exhibit on pointillism. I attended first with my art group, then shared my newfound wisdom with the family on yet another quiet winter weekend day. The pointillism story was, as one would expect, well-curated, but we all found another exhibit in the museum, of Viennese woodcuts to be more to our liking (especially that of the heron).


Speaking of herons…Türkenschanzpark has frozen over, but that isn’t keeping the Baron and Baroness von Heron from their daily walkabout.


And…on the subject of Türkenschanzpark, Clayton Theodore and I have been treated to frosty, snowy morning constitutionals that could be their own holiday cards.

Yes, Clayton Theodore loves the snow, from frolicking in the brush to eating snowballs we toss at him.



Cooking always features prominently when winter’s winds howl outside, as well. Anna Grace and I swirled into the Pinterest vortex on one day and found a project, spending the next 5 hours making a Birch Bark Tree Cake. Handmade bark from chocolate; handmade chocolate cake; handmade peppermint buttercream frosting; and even tiny handmade marzipan mushrooms! And totally delish.


Being American,  the cooking isn’t always restricted to the indoors in winter. For Christmas the family gifted Tony a rotisserie attachment for his Weber. On a recent -12ºC evening (and even in summer clothes, crazy guy) he was thrilled to be one with fire, preparing what turned out to be a barbecued roast pork unlike any we have enjoyed in some time. Chipotle polenta and creamed corn rounded out our muy caliente supper.


*Finally…The recent US presidential election has been an emotional experience for many, and I have generally disregarded the unintelligible ranting on media from one side or the other, wading deep (and often, deeper and deeper) to find meaningful commentary. While in my waders I unearthed the blog musings of a fellow ex-pat whose depressing writings I had long stopped following, who boasted about actually having purchased a round-trip airline flight from Europe to DC, before the presidential election, to be one of proud supporters at the inauguration of America’s First Female President. I nearly spit my wine at the monitor while reading the boasting aloud one evening to Tony, I was laughing so hard.

And then, I toasted myself for not counting my chickens before they are hatched.