An unusual set of circumstances to note, plus a surprise entry in my favorite topic!

Coincidence? I groused about the narrow streets of my neighborhood when our new car (parked on the street) was struck within a few months of moving to Währing. Then, about a year later, parking restrictions and one-way streets were introduced. Viola! Ours is now truly the “posh” neighborhood where one can feel safe parking their Mercedes (or in our case, a Volvo–does that count?) on the street, as one of the quasi-hipster online magazines recently wrote.

“The suburbs of the wealthy”

Where: 13th (Hietzing, 1130), 19th (Döbling, 1190), 18th (Währing, 1180)
Live here if you want … escape the hustle and bustle after work, live in the suburbs, live in a villa, be surrounded by green areas and vineyards, park your Mercedes out front, have a garden, live the good life”

Yes, the lack of semi-colons in the commentary causes me to itch.

Speaking of “living the good life,” Clayton Theodore and I watched the renovation progress on this WC in Türkenschanzpark for many weeks during his constitutionals. One morning to our dismay we noted the following “artwork,” about which I chided those asshats responsible. Within a week the WC had been painted over fresh. Coincidence?


And then…within a month of describing the finely-honed maneuvering over several markets and districts to procure some of the more non-(Austrian)traditional grocery items we enjoy, these two items appeared at my local grocery!

Pearl Couscous!  Even better than the pearl couscous from a market in Leopoldstadt (a two-connection public transportation effort from the house), because it is tri-colored and made an exciting complement to our tajine meal that evening of Moroccan-spiced chicken meatballs with lemon sauce.


THAI! BASIL! Words fail me.img_1596

Now, of course I don’t believe for one minute that anyone other than family, close friends, and an occasional passerby reads my blog, but these coincidences have us joking at the dinner table about other “enhancements” we might like to see in the Imperial city that I could blog about.

Like perhaps, parking enforcement of some sort.  Recently our local grocer repainted spaces near to the entrance to accommodate families needing to wide-swing the auto door, or needing room for the buggy to saddle up next to a car seat. My hope for order was dashed on the first day.


The wider the parking space, the worse the (pensioner, without children) will park.


30-something Viennese dude with no children, either.


Didn’t even try. But I give the driver points for not taking two of the “Family” spaces.


Then again, perhaps others do read my writings, like this driver from Graz, who knew exactly how to earn 15 seconds of fame on my blog. 😂