Our lackluster Sunday outing to the park grounds of an old palace was only redeemed by the discovery of a gem of a restaurant a few tram stops from the park.

A heatwave teased Vienna on Sunday, with temperatures soaring to 11ºC. Blue skies and sunshine had everyone scrambling in search of their shades; and people (and their smiles!) emerged from the woolen layers we have been under for the last month to fill the parks, each one of us trying to outdo the other in our quest for fresh air.

With Tony recovering from the flu and a subsequent infection; and the regular trails likely to be sloshy and slippery anyway, we settled on a smallish walk of about 7km through Potzleinsdorfer Schloss Park.  The park hasn’t really been on our radar because it is not Clayton-Theodore friendly, but it met our requirements: flat, partially paved, and nearby.

Sprinkled along the first part of the route were statues that once graced the top of the Ringtheater, Vienna’s Comic Opera House which was destroyed completely by a fire in the late 1800’s that tragically claimed the lives of more than 400 people.


Every park needs a Greek Temple.


Looking up through one of the magnificent evergreens.


Blue Skies. Green Mistletoe.


Shelf mushrooms.


We walked the loop through the park and decided to have some lunch. From a previous meander through the neighborhood I had recalled a Hungarian restaurant and so we approached, not certain that it was even open. Ha! Not only was the restaurant open; we had to wait for one of the few tables to open up! For our patience we were rewarded with delicious fare and excellent Hungarian wine.

Beef Tartare, Hungarian in style for the copious paprika used in the preparation. And for the flag.


A gorgeous day. An ordinary walk through an ordinary park. An exceptional lunch. To the restaurant we shall return; to the park, not so much.

Indeed, there is a sub-category under First World Problems for this sort of malaise.