Just a short train hop from Dublin lies Cape Cod the lovely fishing village of Howth. The forecast was, “Typical Ireland,” according to our concierge, “A bit drizzly all day out at the harbour.”  Her words did not dampen our moods because, seashore!

As the train reached the Howth station, our eyes widened as if it were Christmas morning. Not just seaside, but a beach. At low tide, even!


We scrambled off the train and to the beach straight away. Especially our mermaid daughter.


Did I mention that Howth Harbour garners quite a breeze?


The plan (there is always a plan) had been to hike the cliffs of Howth, but that took a bit of a backseat for the time being because we simply had to beach comb. Ginormous razor clams and Cockles were among the treasures we carefully wrapped and brought home.

Beachcombing makes for hungry tummies, we know this from experience. Cue a table at the famous Bischoff’s Fish ‘n Chips, steps away. Marinated anchovies to start, and then the sublime fresh caught North Atlantic Cod. Silence, and perhaps even a few weepy eyes, at the table as we treasured each morsel.


After lunch we were feeling a little bit lazy about hiking up to the cliffs, but thanks to the friendly and helpful waitstaff (as were all of the people we engaged with on this holiday) we learned that there was a bus to the summit. Could the day get any better? (Spoiler: it does!)

The path to the cliffs was trimmed with yellow Furze, and Dublin Bay seemed to stretch on forever in the background. The aroma of a coastal spring was heady, and so soothing to our spirits.


I think I shall send this photo to the Ireland Tourist Bureau. Our little Irish lass could be the poster child for, “Visit Ireland.”


Our Irish mermaid, called to the sea.


Across the harbour, Dublin. Yes, that is the SUN!


Walking back to the harbour from the cliffs, the ruins of St. Mary’s Church.


And if Mrs. O’Rourke is not home, Mrs. O’Brien will probably have the spare. 😉


The view from the church grounds. It is okay to be jealous.


Making our way through the harbour, what do you know! Harbour seals! One of our favorite activities on Cape Cod was to spend time at Chatham Harbour when the fishing boats were arriving, just to see the seals. And, to think that they traveled across the pond to see us!


Perhaps we were a little enthusiastic, and a little close to the dock’s edge. We’re pros at this, so no worries (though, we did have concern for the guy leaning over with his camera…)


And then, more seals!


After the last bins of crabs and cockles were loaded, we, like the seals, headed elsewhere. In our case, to the return train to Dublin.

And just as we reached the station, the first drops of rain began to fall. Oh, the luck of the Irish.