This post has been sitting in “Draft” since autumn, but after running errands today more of the beautiful architecture of my district’s “Main Street” caught my eye and I was inspired to finish.

Währing’s Farmer’s Market, Kutschkermarkt, is small and a little on the chicy-mhicy side, though the “Baked Mice” are “scandalously good.”


On the main shopping street. “Each piece, only €135.” In few cities around the world is it safe enough to leave clothing on the sidewalk to attract customers, much less expensive clothing.

A new friend. I was walking past a Lebanese Feinkost/Imbiss (delicatessen/snack shop) just as piping hot Fatayer were coming out of the oven.  The owner seemed impressed that I knew what he was baking, and we had a lovely conversation about Lebanese food. I also left his shop with enough Fatayer and Hummus to make for an excellent breakfast tomorrow morning.


Gulasch from Oma’s recipe. Is there any other kind?


Further up the street, across from a kitchen store to rival E. Dehillerin is the old district cemetery and the original burial place of Ludwig von Beethoven and Franz Schubert; all that remain since the composers were moved the the Central Cemetery are a couple of busts. Someday I shall request the key to have a little walkabout.




From this point home is about a 15 minute walk away, less time than it takes to find a parking space on the main street. As I approached the house I nodded to my car in the driveway, reassuring the wagon that a road trip is in the works for Saturday.