Don’t know what makes this season special, or perhaps it is just a phase, but Tony and I have found ourselves taking to the hills on recent pleasant weekend days. That will all change, naturally,  when the castles and palaces (and sun-filled village squares) within a day-trip zone away awaken from their winter slumber, and we leave the Wienwandern to the regulars.

Last weekend we completed Stadtwanderweg 2; though we have walked part of the route during the wine wandering weekends, tippling across the trails with a glass of new wine in hand doesn’t quite count as “hiking.”

10km trekked. An unexpected theme of Baumschwammerl (tree mushrooms) occupied my camera lens when we weren’t navigating steep paths with obstacles.

Really and truly difficult to get lost on these trails, though I would understand a missed turn here or there if one was on a Pilgrimage to Assisi.


Our Alm on this hike was circa 1959. Whimsical placards on the walls spoke of activities and menu items from the days of the Austrian Schilling. The funny this is that while the currency may have changed, the menu really hasn’t. “Styrian” Schnitzel for me, and the traditional for Tony. Rather to our surprise, we were charged €0,40 for each of glass of tap water, as well; because the Alm is just outside of Vienna in Niederösterreich, the water is not the elixir we are accustomed to, but a filtered version That. Tasted. Horrible. Good thing we had a glass of the house Veltliner with which to chase.

After lunch, a relatively easy meander across a meadow and down through familiar vineyards towards home.