Tony and I, as proud parents of an extremely talented violinist daughter, are beyond thrilled to support her and her accomplished peers by attending the annual international school honor orchestra concert. This isn’t a “participation trophy” style event; more than 160 violinists alone from across European, Asian, and South American high schools auditioned last autumn for 42 chairs; and the performance reflects the caliber of those selected.

So it was to The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg we flew this past Friday, to tour the medieval capital city and to attend the performance, this year hosted by the IS Luxembourg and performed in their Conservatoire.

I fell in love with the old city instantly, perched atop cliffs, and overlooking the gorges cut by the rivers Alzette and Petrusse.

In nearly every major city we have visited there has been an important structure covered with scaffolding. Luxembourg did not disappoint: beneath the scaffolding is the city’s notable Adolphe Bridge!

Along the old city fortifications we strolled, taking in spectacular views of the Commune Grund.  

Luxembourg’s colors are understated and elegant; whispering while walking about would seem perfectly appropriate here.

Luxembourg is also incredibly Instagramm-able, in both sunshine and rain!

The Grand Ducal Palace. Were it not for the guards, one might not even notice this humble home to the Royal Family. So very different from many of the palaces we have seen.

Walking the entirety of this small capital can be easily accomplished in an afternoon; and with dinner (French cuisine, of course!) our arrival day had come to an end.

Gutt Nuecht, Luxembourg!