The American School is on spring break this week, and our getaway planning never got off the ground. It’s hard to top riding a camel to view the Giza Pyramids on Easter, so we defaulted to a Staycation. We tried this once before, in 2010, and it was a predictable failure. As a family we are genetically predisposed to not sleep in; do brunch; or otherwise sit motionless about beaches or spa resorts. That I am writing this post is testimony to how we have grown as a family.*

Spring gave Vienna a flirty little glance, then turned her attentions elsewhere. Temperatures on the first day of our staycation were too cold for a meaningful bicycle tour, and too warm to be indoors staring at art. So, hiking and schnitzel-ing it was.

CTF was our guide, leading us along a gorgeous green path with ample streams for playing. He’s thoughtful like that.

At one point we decided to reverse course to take another path, but our trusted leader was not happy with the decision and hunkered down, refusing to move. Spoiled brat.

Plenty of wild garlic. Or its poisonous cousin.

A Sasquatch sighting!

At the end of our hike Clayton Theodore sniffed out an Alm at which we could enjoy, what else, a Schnitzel lunch.

A restaurant staff person brought CTF the bone from which the Rindsuppe stock was being made. Nothing odd about this at all.

Staycation Day One. Conquered.

*As I write this post snow is falling in Vienna and the temperatures are hovering near 0ºC. We’re done dealing with this offensive interpretation of Spring, and leave tomorrow for a last-minute resort suite booking in Croatia, where the sun is expected to shine for four days, and the forecast temperatures will hang around 18ºC each day. For the record, there may be hiking, but there will be no schnitzel-ing.