Mother Nature messed with Vienna terribly last week. The calendar may have read, “AIS Spring Break,” but she was having none of that malarky.

Over breakfast on Wednesday Tony and I decided we couldn’t deal with the nonsense. Once in the office he cleared his work calendar for the remainder of the week while I sought the warmest place we could reach in a day’s drive. The following morning we packed the Thule and pointed the wagon toward Istria and the Slovenian coast.

Our penance for leaving Vienna: we had to get through the higher elevations nearing Graz first. High winds, blowing snow, and general driving misery for about 25 kilometers.

And then, sunny Slovenia.

By the middle of the afternoon we were stripped to shirtsleeves and soaking in the fresh air of the Adriatic from the balcony of our resort apartment.

A short jaunt to a nearby village for groceries, the scenery a balm for our spirits.

Dinner in the apartment and after-dinner coffee on the terrace. Goodnight, Istria.