Not what you might think.

We had such fun over this long weekend that I almost, almost forgot how much I dread the Sunday Shutdown/Monday Holiday double whammy.  On Saturday we needed to remain local-ish, so I tasked our just-arrived-home-from-a-transatlantic-flight son to seek inspiration from the Niederösterreich Card. Perhaps it was his jet-lag speaking, because he suggested visiting a museum of old cars. At least he did not suggest the Tractor Museum.

The “Oldtimers Museum” was hosting some sort of gathering for collectors of classic cars, with owners proudly displaying their cars on the grounds. This one was, of course, my favorite.

Inside, much to my surprise, the museum was a hoot! Not sure how the elephant and the mannequin fit the theme, though.

“Pimp My Ride,” the Swarovski version. On a Ford Escort, no less.

Lots of cars that I gave little mind to, but in closing, I did notice the VW Picnic Bug.

Next up, The Drinking.