Jack was home for the months of May and June; and when we were not on one of our “official” adventures, whenever possible some combination of the four of us were up to something involving hiking or eating, and often both. Recently a Facebook friend even commented, “You all are having just too much fun.”

Early in May, with Anna away for sports and Tony away on work travel, my foodie son and I indulged our inner epicureans at Vienna’s annual showcase of the best foods from around the country, held in beautiful Stadtpark, the city’s first public park. Oh, Central Europe and your love of good living…

Schilcher Frizzante to start. The Schilcher vineyards are the smallest in all of Europe; and its wild blue grapes produce a different tint every year. Speck (bacon) and bread samples are of course a natural pairing. Käse was everywhere, and we did our part to honor those alpine bovines responsible for the spicy, nutty, creamy cheeses we sampled. And sampled. Wiener Schnecken tempted us–snails baked in butter and garlic defy description, they were that luscious. In between, Jack got 10 seconds of fame when interviewed by the ORF1 team! Hard as it might be to believe, we were drawn like the proverbial moths to a Tirolean stall offering cheese plates and Käsespaetzle for our bacchanal finale.

Franz Schubert with a buoy? A man selling lingerie? Perhaps a little too much Schilcher for those two? Lederhosen Lebkuchen. Award winning Balsamico made from Veltliner grapes that came home with us, its vintner photobombing my snap.

Though Stadtwanderweg 8 has been conquered several times, the path remains a favorite for the views and the Schnitzel at the requisite Gasthaus, a contemporary version coated in cornflakes rather than the traditional bread crumbs.  Even Clayton Theodore knows the route!

A 6km wander across the hills and vineyards of Vienna’s 19th district (but no cows, alas), and past the romantic water reservoir atop Hackenberg with Jack on a lovely late Spring day. Our reward? Two ginormous plates of Backhendl, natürlich.

Tony’s Father’s Day request? Outdoor time with his favorite family. So it was to Hohe Wand (the “High Wall” in the Gutenstein Alps) we went for a 7K hike and the spectacular view from the 1.100m near-summit skywalk. Clayton Theodore, of course, came for the Pommes.

“You all are having just too much fun.”  We could not agree more.