With an agenda-free day on the calendar I thought to revisit my version of treasure hunting, seeking out the Kunst am Bau that decorates some of the city’s public housing construction. Until I actually tallied the blog posts I thought I was nearly finished with this little project, but, no, there are two districts still in draft and a half dozen or so waiting to be explored. Well, then.

Jack was my willing sidekick on this tour through Hernals, our neighboring district to the west and one of rather diverse character. Its east end is urban, with commuters of all horsepower on this particular morning.

By the time Straßenbahn Line 43 reached its west terminus, though the district had become poshly sub-urban, with a sprinkling of the former village of Dornbach for added style.

Add eccentric to that mix, too. The “SeminarZentrum Vitamyn D and Coaching Cafe,” or, “Heidi’s Magic Park,” is nestled in the hush of the posh.

Our first discovery proved photoworthy.

As did the second stop.

There’s always a disappointing find.

More lovely.

Our search for one piece of art found us in the courtyard of a large complex. Though we did not find the art, we did spy one of the vintage racks where HausFrauen could hang floor rugs to clean. Today’s HausFrau gets to stand between the rubbish and compost bins while cleaning the rug. I guess that’s progress?

The Social Times, as a Bulgarian friend refers to them, were well represented on this tour.

Not a Gemeindebau, but an Apothecary.

An unexpected find!  An entrance to one of the stables where the city’s Fiaker horses are housed.

Our final stop, the Empanada Box, was pure serendipity.  This sparkly gem of a restaurant serves unbelievably delicious empanadas; and they are 1) open on Sundays, and 2) just a 5 minute drive from our home. We are now the proud owners of an Empanada Box Customer Card.

Oh, the things one can find when wandering the Imperial City.