The heat is on. Temperatures in the World’s Most Livable City have topped 30℃ for more than 10 days, and we willingly turned over the Inner Stadt to the capable hands of the tourists this weekend. Just a mere hour’s drive into the cooler climes of Niederösterreich is Schneeberg, the easternmost Alp at an elevation of 2.000 meters or more. 2.076 meters to be exact.

The temperature at noon atop our “local mountains” peaked at 18℃.Aaaaahhhhh.

From the base at Puchberg a cog-wheel train has taken members of the Imperial Family up to this summer oasis since 1898. Now, the modern train takes happy hikers (and their canine companions) to the top.

One of the oldest Gasthof on the top served as the hunting lodge for the good Kaiser and his friends. Never would have guessed.

For the four of us it was Schnitzel with a View on the outdoor terrace.

Did I mention the view?


For first-timers and families (that would be us!) there is an easy-peasy 3 kilometer walk offering plenty of scenes to fill a camera. In fact, the trail is easy enough that an Oma and Opa pushing a double pram can do it!

Be it the luck of the Irish or my ability to plan, we caught a descending train just as the first raindrops of an afternoon storm began to fall. Safe and dry inside the wagon we returned to hot and sticky Vienna, a cold Kattus from the wine refrigerator, and dinner on the grill.

Vienna is all yours, dear tourists.



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