Zapiekanka. Hold the ketchup, please.

Pierogis, Placki, Pelmini and Pivo. Potatoes three ways, with a side of Potatoes. Only in Poland.

A “small beer” in Poland; the glass is only filled halfway!

Here Kolbasa, There Kolbasa, Everywhere Kolbasa.

Some of the best Vindaloo and Green Curry we’ve had outside of London or the United States.

Red, White, and whatever this is makes me Blue.

Polish candies in every flavor you didn’t know you wanted.

Three metal poles that hang outside of the former City Hall Building: Foot (31.4cm), Cubit (66.7cm), and the Prussian Half Rod (188.3cm). Anna Grace approximately measures a Half Rod. 🙂

Drawbridge as modern art.

The best for last. We always, always, drop into apothecaries and drug stores when on travel. “Brit” scented dry shampoo, anyone?







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