Meidling is Vienna’s 12th district. Nothing in particular stands out about the district, but the district, like all others, has Kunst am Bau.  My only other visit to Meidling was on a snowy day, to tour the more-interesting-than-you-might-think, Museum of Heating Culture.

A friend suggested we have lunch at Purple Eat, a market stand on the district’s marktplatz that is run exclusively by refugees under the guidance of Purple Sheep, an Austrian group that supports refugees and asylum seekers.  I suggested she join me on the art walkabout, and our plan was hatched.

A mini concrete jungle was our first destination.

Flowers and vegetables differentiated the buildings of the second mini concrete jungle.

Along the way we spotted a darling Kindergarten with a children’s stories motif undergoing restoration.

Schloss Hetzendorf. Now the Fashion School of Vienna, one can only wander in the entry.


The palace was one of the Hapsburg’s hunting lodges, and sits just two or so kilometers from the family’s summer palace, the notable Schloss Schönbrunn.

The market itself was terribly small and seemed to be evolving? from traditional to hipster, though to be honest, the shops around the market outside the square were more interesting. Much to our great disappointment, Purple Eat was closed. My friend and I have lived in Vienna long enough now to think nothing unusual about a store/restaurant or other service being randomly closed. Opening times are so overrated.


Rather hungry by this point, the only table service option around was of course, Austrian. At least my Gemischter Salat did not have canned green beans.



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