Rarely is it our preference to remain entirely in Vienna on the weekends; this weekend, though, Tony was on call at the Emergency Response Center, meaning that we could travel no further than an hour from the U.N. Saturday’s weather looked the most promising of the two days, and so a close-in hike was the vote.

The meadows of Perchtoldsdorf and its gentle incline to Teufelstein offered plenty of Wiesenblumen to identify along the way: wild rose, thistle, perhaps Wiesenbärenklau and Wiesenbocksbart, too?

A highlight for me, always. They even wore bells!

Our meadow sprite.

More offerings for culinary enjoyment than we’ve ever encountered on the Autobahn. Would lunch be a three minute walk to the right, or a ten minute walk left to include a panoramic terrace?

We chose the terrace.

No Schnitzel, but Speckbrot was a satisfying stand-in.

No Schnitzel meant no Pommes.  Yet, once we settled into our table the Hütte staff offered Clayton Theodore an entire Frankfurter.  However did they know about our spoiled Hound?

Four kilometers uphill, and four kilometers back down the hill. Another Saturday accomplished.



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