An assortment of amusements.

Tony and I spent a fun Saturday observing the Highlander Games in a nearby village. Where the women were strong and the men were beautiful.

Yes, your eyes are playing tricks on you!  Vienna’s new Museum of Illusions was just the entertainment Anna Grace and I sought on one of the hot and sticky summer days.

“The wand chooses the wizard.” Anna Grace and I spent a morning at the Ollivanders shop for strings players here, Blue Danube Violins. She and her patient instructor tested “new” bows for more than two hours; and when all was said and played it was a 1920 Hoyer (Germany) that selected her. The process was interesting and informative for me; for our violin diva, probably more akin to Christmas morning in a toy shop.

The Wien Museum is free for visitors on the first Sunday of each month; and one rainy Sunday gave us the opportunity to take in a collection of historic and contemporary Vienna maps. At the end, visitors were invited to place a colored dot on a wall map of the city. Blue and Purple dots represented negative or unhappy impressions; while the Red, Orange, and Pink dots represented the opposite.

The big area of happiness in the bottom left square is Schloss Schönbrunn; but something about the park across the street from the palace makes a lot of people blue.

The bright and happy cluster in the middle square, left? Our very own Türkenschanzpark.

Lastly, and speaking of sadness, I read that the city is eliminating its iconic “old” trams beginning next year. Maintenance costs are high, and the old trams are not well equipped for prams, and not at all for wheelchairs. Still, would it be so bad to keep just a few?

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