And rescue dogs. What a great Saturday!

We chose “premium” parking with a “short walk” to the airfield, owing to the ankle (and now, knee) therapy Tony has embarked upon. Ha!  Space for the dirt mobile was about a kilometer walk from the event, in the potato fields!  Wherever were others parking, we wondered?

The event was titled Austrian AirFest, so imagine our surprise after making our way across potato roots, potatoes and potato silt to see American vehicles; specifically, one of the “Four Men in a Jeep” Jeeps and another vehicle from the International Patrol.

We did eventually reach the airfield, with American planes, of course. 😂

Flyboys across the ages.

Not flyboys.

The stunt planes were crowd favorites.

This Russian plane impressed the crowd, too, for reasons we never learned.

No air show is complete without a rescue dog demonstration.

Back through the potato fields on our way home.





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