But first, a stop to peek at a castle. Because there are so, so, many around here.

There is nothing particularly unique about Burg Plankenstein, just that it was built onto the rocky outcropping that happened to be part of an old Roman Road dating to 122 A.D.


The castle is now a hotel, offering guests whimsical ceramics, hideaways for quiet conversations, and plenty of wandering opportunities.

We did not wander, as our primary destination was another 20 minutes, and several cow pastures, away.

The Dirndl (the fruit, not the clothing, though *everyone* was in Trachten) has been growing in the Pielachtal region of Niederösterreich for around 8.000 years. The fruit is akin to the wild “Cornelian” cherry, a little more sour than sweet, and in true Central European festival style was featured in everything from G’Spritzer to mustard to honey and even Sturm.  We think this little bee had had too much Dirndl honey; it seemed to be asleep.

A warm early autumn day. Music, food, and a parade. Just what a local festival should be!



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