Marginally better than Weinwandern Wien 2016.

Following our Almabtrieb overnight, Anna Grace kindly requested peace and quiet on Sunday. What she really meant was, “Mom and Dad, please leave the house.” Six IB classes and an honor orchestra audition piece to practice will do that to a student.

Last year’s vineyard wandering was a disappointment, and we weren’t really in the mood for a repeat this year. But, we told ourselves, if we got an early enough start, before the flip-flop wearing, Sturm-sloshing hipsters woke up and headed into the hills, perhaps the wander could be fun. Besides, Tony wanted an occasion to wear the new hat he had purchased the day before.

And it was fun! At our starting point I inquired as to whether pins were available this year (hoping that last year’s letdown was a one-off) and was elated when told, “Yes, you can receive a pin.”  That was all the motivation I needed–well, that and a Gemischter Satz.

Pretty, pretty, pretty. The crowds were fewer on this day; and  there were no queues for either Sturm or a table at a Weinhof situated among the vines.

With 6 kilometers hiked, I excitedly handed our stamped booklets to the Information Booth clerk, and he handed me two pins. From Weinwandern Wien 2015!  Had the organizers run out of 2017 pins? Were there extra 2015 pins and the organizers thought no one would notice? We may never know. Funny enough, we missed Weinwandern Wien 2015 because we were in Tirol for an Almabtreib, so at least our set is now complete-ish?


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