“Pannonia” is the Roman name for the province along the Danube that is Burgenland and the corresponding lands in Hungary, and to where Tony and I pointed the wagon a couple of weeks ago. Our inspiration for the outing came from a newsletter I received from the official Austrian tourism site, though we did tweak it to suit our interests and time.

“300 days of sunshine dominate the climate of Burgenland…” said the newsletter. Our day was not one of them, alas.

The “Sunniest State in Austria” is also noted for wine and its geese (which will be celebrated and eaten in early November on the Feast of St.Martins). Think, “Make Way for the Ducklings” when driving through the villages, though.

We stopped for a small walkabout in the village of Oggau, home of Austria’s oldest red wine and a favorite, the Blaufränkisch. Of course there was room in the wagon for a case of my dark grape friends.

Schloss Halbturn, another of the imperial family’s summer residence always warrants a stop for their small and well-curated exhibits. This particular exhibit, The Magic of the Old Orient was a private collection showcasing what was believed to be exotic to 18th century Europeans. I find the “Old Orient” terribly exotic even today, and so enjoyed our visit.

Being autumn, and it being that we were skirting along the Hungarian border meant delicious Mangalitza (Hungarian Hairy Pig) specialties for lunch. As our good fortune had it, our location for lunch was a little, 400-year old Gasthof specializing in wild game: Feuerfleck with Mangalitza Bacon for me; and Mangalitza sausage for Tony.

Rain had begun to fall by this time, so the remainder of our tour of Burgenland will have to wait for one of the 300 sunnier days.

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