Firsts on many fronts.

Biiiiiig dogs. And little dogs in baby carriers. I wish this wasn’t a thing.

The summer renovation of my local grocer revealed a rather American-style makeover, along with, more importantly, new and exciting discoveries. Sweet potato fries!

And Unicorn Froot Loops!

Another something new, a Meat-o-Mat at the Gersthof market near our house. Sausage, Schnitzel, and Steaks on demand? Whatever is happening to my adopted country?

For the first time since we’ve been here it seems Halloween was given noticeable hype; a whopping 14 trick-or-treaters rang our bell (yes, of course we had candy for them).  Carved pumpkins popped up everywhere, too!

Clayton Theodore and his BFF, Jolly. Just because.

For the first time, cafe and restaurant owners are no longer required to put away their outdoor seating  by 1 November and can decide independently whether to leave tables out all winter. Progressive. Over the weekend Tony and I were pleased to note that our favorite Backhendl place still had their tables out; and on a recent walk through Türkenschanzpark, its traditional restaurant that once served Kaiser Franz Josef even had al fresco seating. Whatever would the Emperor think?

Another first! The November issue of the grocer recipe magazine is featuring American Thanksgiving, “The most important American family gathering.”

To conclude this episode. Some things may be changing, but some things will always remain the same. The “Handicapped” designation says it all.


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