The last of 2017. And a spectacular start to the new year.

Next to their dogs, the Viennese seem to love birds. Why, of course I bought these Christmas stollen-flavored seed balls for the little feathered friends in our garden.

I think “barf” here means something other than its English definition. 😂 (The sign board is for the refrigerator and freezer food section of the pet store. For many pampered Viennese pups, dry kibble simply won’t do.)

Just a late autumn early morning photo of the mistletoe in the park.

Next to the MA48 (the trash and recycling department), I think Vienna’s parks department, the MA42 have the best sense of humor. This little sign reads, “Sssh, the flowers are sleeping for the winter.”  And, lovely mansions in the background, no? Such is my ‘hood.

No cultural appropriation with this fireworks display.

Exciting to see in our grocery, but we are not fooled. These canes are strawberry-flavored, not peppermint. We learned this the hard way last year. Blech.

How important is leisure and enjoyment here? A note was left to alert customers that frost in the Steiermark has delayed the wine shipment!

To close out 2017. His or her choice of parking, and they still couldn’t get it right.

This moron pulled in right after me. Jack had to wait to exit the passenger seat because the driver was that impatient to get to the store. These people.

To ring in 2018. I watched this Pensioner, without children commandeer not only his space and the buffer zone, but render the adjacent space difficult for any “Family” to park. Just spectacular.