Just a few words on our comings and goings. It is January after all.

Tony took me to the big travel festival in Vienna a couple of weekends ago. Yes, I know this is like taking an alcoholic to a wine tasting.

Vendors in the International Hall tempted me with a trek through Mongolia (except, no showers in the yurts?); and the thought of renting an RV to drive through the Alps Tony shut down with, “Are you insane?” Illinois, along with Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma represented America. Illinois? 

Austrian Customs had a display of confiscated items, too, though I am not sure how that inspires tourism.

The National Hall was like OctoberFest in January! Antlers! Beer! Bacon Salt! Cheese! Prost!

To celebrate the centenary of Silent Night, the Christmas song first performed in a small chapel outside of Salzburg, Austria, (and theoretically inspire tourism) the tourism folks had on display the original score at the fair. Seemed a little disingenuous to me.

Later that weekend Anna Grace shooed us out of the house again in order to study in peace for upcoming IB Physics and IB Chem midterms. Not really in the mood for a museum, we wandered the Inner Stadt on what was a snowy day until hunger sent us in search of lunch.  Along our way, the bands from the previous evening’s Tirolerball paraded through one of the main streets. Who doesn’t love men in Lederhosen?

This past weekend AISV hosted ISPrague for the annual basketball exchange. The previous two exchanges were in Prague, which used to mean a weekend in a favorite city for me; this year, sadly, the games returned to Vienna. Though the Varsity Lady Knights (including our favorite Center) played hard, the Lady Falcons scored both wins for the series.

As is protocol, we housed two lovely young Lady Falcons for the exchange. I prepared a typical welcome basket for the guest room that included Doritos and granola bars–something healthy, and something fun to eat. Our Lady Falcons were Russian and Czech, and as is apparent by what remained behind, well versed in the all-American language of Doritos!

The Boosters Burgers Boys doing their part to keep the athletes fed.

Finally, into the Vienna Woods on Sunday to enjoy an exhibit at the Landesmuseum Niederösterreich (thank you, Niederösterreich Card!), our escort plowing the way.