Going (way) beyond Schnitzel and Sacher Torte in my kitchen…

Pork Cutlet and Tuna-Sando Sauce, with sautéed olives and bay. Surprisingly light, and not-surprisingly scrumptious.

The artichokes whispered to me at the market; grilled whole Branzino is a natural mate.

World Peace Curry. Southeast Asian aromatics; Gochujong; Indian spices; Greek yogurt; Chinese Star Anise; and a dash of well-aged British Cheddar cheese.

On the breakfast table one morning, Upma. This popular South Indian dish knows no bounds: our version includes rice noodles, Urad dal, carrots, potato, onion, chilies, curry leaves, and a sprinkle of peanuts. Yum.

Twice-battered salt and pepper calamari. Like popcorn, only better.

Pre-hike breakfast: Thyme and Honey Baked Camembert with Wurzelbrot, a Swiss baguette, if you will, that puts Austria’s white bread efforts to shame.

Rotisserie Goose in November. A little reminder to our neighbors that the Americans are still in the ‘hood.  That, and Tony becomes a little antsy if he goes too long without playing with fire.

A most delicious experiment with Nutella.

Purple Yam artisanal bread. I rose at 0430 to start the baking; the perfume of fresh baking bread was all the alarm we needed that morning.

How to deal with what Vienna bakeries refer to as, “bagels.” Toasted, chopped, and baked with Gruyere and “Everything” bagel seasonings.

And most recently, my take on the classic American dish of Chicken and Waffles. This is a classic Southern “soul food” recipe with numerous variations, none of which I ever knew about growing up (we spoke, and ate, Polish. All the time.). My riff on the dish included brining the chicken in pickle juice (bonus because I then ate all of the pickles!); adding bacon, British cheddar and jalapeños to the waffle batter; and simmering the maple syrup with Tabasco. Pantone should have a color for this deliciousness.