There was a photography exhibit on the American Mustang (the horse, not the car) recently at the Natural History Museum, so Tony and I dropped in on an otherwise nondescript January weekend.  But that is not what I’m sharing.

Geology rocks, though I much prefer looking at rocks to classifying them. Igneous is bliss, I guess.

So…after the beautiful photographs of wild horses we toured the Geology galleries.  Pikes Peak is noted for its characteristic pink stone; are the curators taking visitors for granite?

Webb City, Missouri. Just a stone’s throw away from Joplin.

It is not crystal clear that this rock is from Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Believe it ore not! These specimens are from the USSR, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. Perhaps it is time for a clean slate, for the crater good?

I’ll stop with the puns. I’ve probably reached rock bottom.