So much music.

“China Meets Europe” is part of the larger Chinese Spring Festival, and is a cultural exchange between the young musicians with their host countries; this past Saturday evening, Vienna was the host. The setting, Musikverein, is noted as one of the finest concert halls in the world for its acoustics.  It’s Italian Renaissance architecture isn’t all that shabby, either.

The gentleman behind me looks thrilled to be attending.

It was exciting to see the concert house at nearly full capacity before the performance; even nicer was a conversation we overhead at the end, between a couple of likely-tourists who commented that they were “so happy (they) stumbled upon this concert.” There is no shortage of musical venues in Vienna, and I for one am glad the tourists chose Musikverein.

Our favorite orchestra performed Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, New World Symphony, and the music filled the Großer Saal (Great Hall) with expression that would have tickled its composer. The musician themselves were floating on air with the privilege of performing here.

Though every performance stood out in its own way, two additional ones deserve mention. The first, the darling “Little White Pigeon Children’s Choir.”   From their costumes to their performance, nothing missed a beat.  The second was the “Tianjin Friends Choir.” Hands down there was nothing more adorable than these wee Chinese students dressed in little “uniforms” performing, “Do Re Mi” and dancing about like the von Trapp children. I was so enamored that I could not even take a photo.

Our diva…